Technology Equipment Guide for New Employees

Do you have a new employee joining your department? Please review the questions below and complete the appropriate service requests.

  1. Is there already a computer and phone available for the employee in your office? If you're not sure whether the equipment you have is appropriate, please fill out the Employee Office Computer service and request an evaluation.
  2. Do you need a new computer/laptop ordered? If so, you should work with ITS to place an order at least four weeks before your employee starts. Start this process by filling out the Employee Office Computer service.
  3. Before your new employee starts, complete the VOIP Phone Request service.
  4. Here are some common additional services requested by new employees
    1. How to Create a Hancock Zoom Account
    2. New Banner User of Banner Security Update (includes Argos for reporting and Xtender for imaging)
    3. Adobe Account Request (if you need to edit PDFs or create forms in Adobe Sign)
    4. Network Drive Access Request (if your area still uses a department share instead of SharePoint/Teams site)
    5. Mitel Mobility (Connect) Account Request (use your work phone from your personal cell phone)


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