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Often problems with web based applications can be fixed by opening the web browser in a special mode which will start the application with no remembered sessions.
How to connect to ALLAN_HANCOCK_COLLEGE on-campus wi-fi on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone devices
Instructions on signing out of the Outlook desktop client. Fixes issues with users unable to send or receive email and users repeatedly asked to sign in.
How to set up a meeting owl in a conference room
Steps to fix issues with accessing internal AHC websites from on campus.
When trying to access Microsoft Teams, you can't.
Information for students using Windows Virtual Desktops for coursework
If you have a new employee in your department and you're not sure where to start when it comes to technology, this is the article for you.
Are you receiving warning about Windows licensing?
Remote user is not able to work on both monitors
All Hancock students and employees have 1TB of storage available in OneDrive. You can store any files and create/edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files online.
Some browsers do not handle opening Office documents directly from links in the myHancock portal.
Some users are asked to sign in repeatedly into Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook. Clearing the cookies associated with these web sites can help users access these web apps again.
Information for students using Adobe Creative Cloud software in a course that is meeting remotely
Access to o365 and a email account is available to all currently registered students at Hancock College.
Help on setting browser cookies to not require an OTP be entered at every sign on.
Summary of computer deployment standards. Types of computers for different job descriptions are listed.
Learn the Basics of TechConnect Zoom
Quick tips for making a good password
Multi-Factor Authentication through the use of One Time Passcodes are required for many users at Hancock College and may be optionally enabled for all other users.
Zoom allow for multiple cameras to be used by the instructor in each meeting.