FAQ for Students using Adobe Creative Cloud in ERT Courses

Please confirm with your instructor that you have an Adobe account ready for use in your course. You should receive an email from College Buys when your license is ready to use.

Where is the download link? Or, where is the email with my download code?

The download link is on the Adobe Creative Cloud confirmation email. Follow the “get started” link and sign in using your .edu email on the “Adobe ID”/ “Personal” portal or set up an account by using the email that the confirmation was sent to. Once signed in, you will have access to the entire creative cloud. When you log in, you may see a screen like this. If you do, please select "Personal Account"


I can only use a few apps; how do I access the entire cloud?

  1. Go to creativecloud.adobe.com on your preferred web browser. If you are already signed in, please sign out as you may have been directed into the wrong login portal.
  2. Sign into your “Adobe ID/ Personal” subscription. Once signed in you should see a “Welcome back”.
  3. Click the Apps section on the top left side of the screen.
  4. Once you are on the next page, download/ install apps you would like to use.
    1. Once you download an application, the “Creative Cloud” application will also download, which is a hub for all other applications and a streamline way to download/install apps without using a web browser.


I have not received my confirmation email, even after it was resent.

  1. Check spam/Junk folders, as unfamiliar emails may be directed there.
  2. If you still do not see your confirmation email, go to creativecloud.adobe.com and follow the steps present in the issue above. 
  3. If you receive an error message when trying to sign in that tells you to use the email that was sent from Adobe, then your server is blocking the email from coming. Contact CollegeBuys for assistance collegebuys@foundationccc.org or 1-866-325-3222, Option 1.

My account says I only have the free trial option, how do I access my purchased product?

It is usually because they have been directed to the Adobe Enterprise login, instead of the “Adobe ID”/ “Personal” login. Try signing all the way out, make sure you use the “Adobe ID”/ “Personal” login option and utilize the login information associated with your .edu email.

How do I use my old Adobe account with a non-edu email?

There are three options to access the documents and files from your previous account: You can make your documents collaborative in the private account and invite the .edu account to work on them. You can download the work from your previous account onto your computer and access it from the .edu account. Lastly, you can utilize the instructions on this link for the Adobe account migration process https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/using/migrate-assets-to-enterprise-account.html.


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