Allow Third Party Cookies in Chrome

Some login issues are caused by third party cookies from Hancock College's SSO system being blocked by the browser. Below are instructions for allowing this third party cookie to be saved in Chrome. 

In the browser address bar, an eye icon with a slash through it indicates that 3rd party cookies are being blocked.

eye icon

Click the icon to expand the dialog and then click "Site not working?"

Then click the "show cookies and other site data" link:

show cookies

This will show a menu of all the cookies the site is using. Click the "Blocked" tab, select any values that have "" and click "Allow" 


Finally, refresh the page and if the problem was a blocked 3rd party cookie, it should now work. 



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Fri 2/11/22 11:07 AM
Fri 2/11/22 11:07 AM