User Accounts and Access

Information on Single Sign-On, One Time Passcodes (OTP), Accessing resources with a Hancock College account.

Articles (12)

Accounts Being Regularly Locked Due To Too Many Incorrect Password Attempts

Article guides Allan Hancock College users to prevent account lockouts by using 'View Password', updating WiFi credentials, and managing personal information.

Allow Third Party Cookies in Chrome

Some login issues can be fixed by allowing specific 3rd party cookies in the web browser.

Authentication Failed when entering OTP

Sometimes following a password change users will see an Authentication Failed message when entering an OTP. This is usually caused by a saved password in the browser.

Guidelines for Success - Working with Remote or Hybrid Work Arrangements at AHC

This article outlines remote work requirements for Allan Hancock College staff, covering equipment provisioning, software access (VPN, OneDrive), and setup testing for effective off-campus work.

Multi-Factor Authentication and One Time Passcodes (OTP)

Multi-Factor Authentication through the use of One Time Passcodes are required for many users at Hancock College and may be optionally enabled for all other users.

OTP is Requested Each Time a Browser is Restarted

Help on setting browser cookies to not require an OTP be entered at every sign on.


Tips for creating strong passwords that meet Hancock College's new password policy.

Setting the Initial Password on a Hancock College Account

How to set the password on a new Hancock College account

Single Sign On Troubleshooting

Information on common problems signing in to Hancock College's SSO.

Student Accounts for Current and Former Employees

Employees who take courses at Hancock College will use a separate log in to manage their student activity.

Update your contact information through Banner Self Service

How to update your personal contact information for emergency messages and OTPs for password changes.

Using Chrome Profiles and Multiple Hancock College Accounts

Most web browsers have a feature to allow users to have profiles which can help keep accounts separate. This is helpful when needing to log in with multiple Hancock College accounts.