OneDrive for File Storage and Sharing

All Hancock students and employees have 1TB of storage available in OneDrive. You can store any files and create/edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files online. For more information on how to use OneDrive, please see this video from Microsoft.


Log into myHancock and click on this icon:

OneDrive Icon


Log into myHancock and click on this icon:

Then click on "OneDrive" or select another online application to use.

How to Share a Document

  1. Find the document that you would like to share and click on it once.
  2. Click the little arrow                          
  3. Review the Sharing Options    
    1. Anyone with the link - this is the easiest way to share the document with anyone. It will generate a link that you can email to that person. They will not need to sign in. For added security, you can set an expiration date or put a password on the document. This is a good way to share documents between students and faculty.
    2. People in Allan Hancock College with the link - this option only works for sharing within students ( OR within employee ( It allows anyone in that organization to view the document, and students and employees are in separate organizations. Do not use this option for sharing between faculty and students.
    3. People with existing access. You can use this option if you just need to generate a link to someone who you have already shared the document with. This is rarely used.
    4. Specific People. This allows you to share the document with anyone who has a Microsoft email account (including both AHC students and employees). This is an effective way to share work between students and faculty.
  4. Once you have selected a sharing option, click "Apply." You may use the "Copy Link" button to generate a link that you can copy and send to another person or you can use "Outlook" to open an email with the link in Outlook.

How to Sync OneDrive to your Desktop (Windows PC)

  1. When you are logged into your OneDrive through myHancock, look for the "Sync" button at the top of the page.
  2. Click "Sync now", and if you have OneDrive installed on your PC, it should automatically open. If it does not automatically open, please download OneDrive from Microsoft or open up a ticket with Hancock ITS. Note: You may see "OneDrive for Business" installed on your computer. This application will work, but it is going out of support and it has fewer features. Please follow these instructions for syncing with "OneDrive" instead.
  3. Type in your Hancock College email address on this screen and click "Sign In".
  4. If you receive the myHancock login prompt, please enter your myHancock password. This may not be necessary if you are logged into your work computer.
  5. On the next screen you will pick a location to save OneDrive files on your computer. The default is under C:\Users\<your username>\OneDrive - Allan Hancock College. You can change it if you would like. ​​​​​​​
  6. Next you'll be asked if you want to back up any folders from your computer. This is a good idea if you have important documents on your computer that do not contain sensitive information. If you would not like to back up a specific folder, uncheck the blue circles.
  7. The rest of the prompts are optional and give you an overview of OneDrive. Your OneDrive files should now be syncing to your computer!

Do my Synced OneDrive Files take Up Space on my Computer?

Sometimes. The default option is for OneDrive to download files to your computer as you use them. If there is a file that you would like to always sync or never sync, right click on it and click "Always Keep on this Device" to keep it downloaded or "Free Up Space" to remove the download. It will still remain online in your OneDrive unless you delete the file.

How to Sync OneDrive to a Mac, iPad, or Phone

For any device that is not a Windows PC, you will likely need to download the OneDrive application. This can be found in the Apple store or Google Play store. Please follow the prompts when you download and run the application. They should be similar to the Windows steps

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