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Information on Hancock email and Office 365 applications like OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint

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Pinned Article OneDrive for File Storage and Sharing

All Hancock students and employees have 1TB of storage available in OneDrive. You can store any files and create/edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files online.

Can’t get into Microsoft Teams

When trying to access Microsoft Teams, you can't.

Forward Hancock College Email to a Personal Email Account

How to forward messages from a Hancock College o365 account to a personal email address by setting up a mail rule in the Outlook web client.

No New Email Received After Account Compromised

How to restore email after the account has been compromised.

Office Document Does Not Open in Portal

Some browsers do not handle opening Office documents directly from links in the myHancock portal.

Setting Up Hancock College Email on Computers and Phones

Instructions on setting up a Mac or Windows computer or an Android or iPhone email application with a Hancock College o365 email account.

Signing Out of Outlook Desktop Client

Instructions on signing out of the Outlook desktop client. Fixes issues with users unable to send or receive email and users repeatedly asked to sign in.

Student Access to Office 365

Access to o365 and a email account is available to all currently registered students at Hancock College.