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Communications from Hancock College is managed by Rave Mobile Safety. These can include messages such as:

  • emergency information
  • notifications of class cancellations and openings on section wait lists
  • information from various departments at Hancock College

These messages can be sent via email and SMS texts sent to the user's phone. Users can manage their own contact information through Self-Service Banner

Most communication comes through email, and will be sent to the users "preferred" email address. If the user is a student with recent registration history, this email address will be the "Allan Hancock College Email" which will have the format of user.name@my.hancockcollege.edu. For students who have not yet registered for classes, their preferred email address will be their "Personal and Password Reset Email" which is likely the email entered on the CCCApply Application.

The "Allan Hancock College Email" address is not able to be modified. To update the "Personal and Password Reset Email" address, click the pencil icon below the email address and enter a new address.

Update email

SMS text messages are usually reserved for emergency communication and time sensitive notifications about classes. There are a number of available "phone types" the only two that will be used for SMS messaging are "Text Message" and "Text Message 2". To edit an existing Text Message number click the pencil icon below the phone number and enter a new number. To add a new phone number, click the "(+) Add New" link, select a "Text Message" or "Text Message 2" phone type and enter the new number.

Update phone


Update Contact Information for SSO

Additionally, Hancock College's SSO system uses a system known as 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) where a OTP (One Time Passcode) for employee log in and for all users to reset their password. These OTPs can come from a number of methods including to a personal email address and the users SMS enabled cell phone.. The SSO system uses a user's most recent "Personal and Password Reset Email" address and the most recent "Text Message" phone type both of which can be updated at Banner Self Service using the instructions listed above. 


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