Office 365 and Outlook repeatedly asked to sign in

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Some users have experienced problems signing in to Microsoft Office 365. From the Hancock College portal the user will click the Email/o365 icon link and then be asked to sign in again:

ms sign in

If this happens the user should try to clear the Office related cookies. In Chrome this can be done by clicking the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of the window and choosing "Settings":

chrome settings

Once in settings click "Privacy and Security" and then "See all cookies and site data":

privacy and security

Then in the search field at the top, type the word "office" and click the "Remove All Shown" button. Confirm to clear site data by clicking "Clear all":

clear cookies

Once the "office" cookies are cleared, the user will need to close all browser windows and attempt to sign in again.


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Thu 1/21/21 1:22 PM