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Are you having trouble signing into myHancock, Canvas, Banner, or another application?

Connect with the Distance Learning team.

If you would like to create your own account for hosting meetings, you can do so here (you don’t need an account to join meetings)

I have experienced an issue involving information security.

I am having a problem connecting to the internet.

Please fill out the following form as accurately as possible, watching for correct spelling of name and email. We will contact you at the email you identify in the form. Thanks!

Install additional or update existing software programs on district computer(s).

Are you having an issue with a computer that you borrowed from AHC?

Request access to the AHC Website, MyHancock Portal or a SharePoint group

Request technical assistance and/or training with Web/Portal/SharePoint editing

Report website, portal or SharePoint errors, mistakes or content changes

Request a new website, SharePoint site, or Form. The new object can also be a conversion of old format to current format.